Yolio is free for everyone but if you need more then you can upgrade whenever you like.

What do free users get?

As Yolio was created to help people, a big part of that is to have an open platform where everything is available from day one. You are free to upgrade if you like or stay as a free member for ever.


So whats included in the free and plus memberships.

We have laid out the core features of the Yolio free and plus memberships below but of course, we have lots of other features but you will have to discover these for yourself.


Everything you need to manage your jobs & tasks with ease.


  • 3 Active Projects
  • Private File Stash
  • 10mb Upload Limit
  • Unlimited Sprints
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Comments On Tasks
  • Client & Team Member Invites (1 per project)
  • Project Transfers
  • Support Via Tickets

Unlock the full potential of Yolio

From £3/month

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Private File Stash
  • 100mb Upload Limit
  • Unlimited Sprints
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Comments On Tasks
  • Unlimited Client & Team Member Invites
  • Project Transfers
  • Support Via Email
  • No ads
  • Project Restorations
  • File Restorations
  • Access To New Features First
  • Branded Projects

Do I have to buy a subscription?

We don't do subscriptions in the normal sense. We let you purchase memberships from 1 month up to 12 months in duration and if you do not need the extra features when it has expired then simply don't purchase another one. It's just a nice way to make sure you stay in control at all times because we understand that you are going to have busy spells and your going to have slow spells and the last thing you want when you are going through a slow period is extra costs with something you aren't even using. You are welcome to purchase a membership of the following durations.

  • 1 Month costing £4.00 a month
  • 3 Month costing £3.50 a month (£10.50 upfront cost)
  • 6 Month costing £3.25 a month (£19.50 upfront cost)
  • 12 Month costing £3.00 a month (£36 upfront cost)


Can I downgrade my membership?

If at the end of a membership you don't need the extra features then simply don't purchase another membership. We do not offer any rolling contracts as we want you to be in control so we will let you know a few days in advance when your membership will expire and then you are welcome to purchase another membership term when you are ready.


But won't I lose projects or files when I downgrade?

That would be a pain wouldn't it! But no, if you have gone over the free project allowance when you downgrade, we would never remove projects from your account but you won't be able to create any new ones until you are back under the free allowance or upgrade to a plus membership, either by deleting or transferring your projects to another user or client.


Take control with Yolio

No rolling subscription means you decide if you need to go pro or skip a month

Why pay for something you aren't going to use? If you have a slow spell, a holiday or you are just having a time out, then don't worry about renewing your membership. All your projects and files will stay safe and sound and then if you decide you need to do more, then upgrade when you need to.